Characters: Pamina

Costume Design For Pamina

Pamina feels a bit like Little Red Riding Hood as she sets off to explore the wood. Let’s hope there are no wolves…

Deep in the forest, Pamina finds there are streaks of darkness and daylight as the sun scuffles through the trees.

She is looking around for her friend Popinjay, but he’s nowhere to be found.

Where has that silly little bird got to?

She suddenly realises that she’s all alone and doesn’t really know how she got here, or the way back: she’s lost.

Okay, Pamina, she tells herself, there’s nothing to worry about. You can cope.

Then she hears a strange, unsettling sound.

Imagine you are lost in the forest. Write a story telling us how you feel, what creatures you meet there and what happens to you. Don’t forget to tell us about the sounds you hear.


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