Meet the dragon in The Night Queen. He cones from a long line of such creatures.

Who are you looking at?

Dragons have a long history: think of the Chinese dragon, St George and the Dragon, the dragon in Beowulf. And they appear in stories right up to the present – there are several dragons in the Harry Potter stories, for example.

The dragon in The Night Queen is not what he might at first seem – when you see the play you’ll know what I mean.
What sort of dragon would you like? Can you describe him? What is his body like, his head, his tail. Does he have claws, does he have wings? Does he breathe fire? How does he move? What sort of sound does he make?
You could draw a picture of your dragon and label it.
In The Night Queen, the dragon lives in the forest. Where does your dragon live?
If you met him in the forest, what would happen?

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