In The Night Queen, Pamina says that Popinjay is her friend. But is he a good friend? He makes her laugh, but he also runs away when there’s danger.

Are you a friend to someone? What do you do to show you’re a good friend?

Look at this list.

My friend is a

  1. careful listener
  2. game sharer
  3. homework helper
  4. ideas provider
  5. laugh maker
  6. special adviser

Would you put the list in a different order? Are there any things that don’t fit? Can you think of other things to put on the list?

Why not make your own list of what your best friend does?

Friendship Story Ideas (You could act these stories out)

1) A story set at school (playground, dining hall, classroom) where a friend tries to help you when you have a problem. What is the problem? What does the friend do? How ddoes it turn out? What do you say to your friend afterwards?

2)  Imagine you are going through the forest with your friend. You are having a good time. Then you realise you are lost. One of you gets annoyed. Is it you or your friend? Then you find something. What?

3) Pamina is in her bedroom with the bird Popinjay. She has had a row with her dad. Decide what the row was about. Homework? Tidying up? Going to bed late? Popinjay offers advice. Does Pamina do what Popinjay suggests? What happens? What does Pamina say to Popinjay at the end?

4) Imagine you are in your bedroom. Pretend you have had a row with your mum or dad or brother or sister. Your pet is with you. You talk to your pet. The pet says what you should do. You do what your pet says. Does it help?


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