Settings: Pamina’s Bedroom

Pamina is a a young girl who lives with her father. She has just started secondary school and her dad is worried about her making new friends. She sees her bedroom as a safe place but also wants to get out and about more.

Can you describe your bedroom? What is the floor like, the bed? Is there a wardrobe, a bookshelf, a desk? Don’t forget to tell us the colour and look of things, but also what they feel like to touch them. Do you have soft carpet, shiny walls. Is there a view from the window? What can you hear? What do you like about your bedroom? What would you change?

Here’s a short poem structure you could try:

In my bedroom, I can see: (something big & something small)

In my bedroom, I can hear: (something loud & something quiet)

In my bedroom, I can: (something you like doing there & how you do it)

Here’s an example.

In my bedroom I can see my huge blue duvet and my tiny bedside light

In my bedroom I can hear the traffic outside and my pencil scratching on the paper

In my bedroom I can dance to my music round and round and round.


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