Encounters Project

In March 2010 we undertook Encounters With The Night Queen, a development project with artists and schoolchildren. It was a hugely successful project and involved not just input from the children into the play itself, but also a separate performance piece that the children themselves created working with the artists and teachers.

A dragonfly from the forest creatures workshop

As part of the project, the Year 4 children created their own forest creatures working with the designer and a visual artist.

They came up with a range of creatures from big brown bears to bats, beetles and dragonflies.

They then worked with the writer to create poems based on the creatures.

Actor Andy Hockley working with the children

Finally, each group worked with an actor and the director to bring the creatures and the words to life.

They wore the costumes they had created, spoke the poems they had written and acted it out using the ideas they had come up with.

Some of the children also worked with the musical director to generate live music to go with the forest sequence that had been created.

No wonder the parents were very proud and the audience very enthusiastic and warm with their praise.

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