We were delighted with the audience feedback. Thank you to all those who gave comments. Overall, w received 97% positive audience feedback. Many were generally fulsome in their praise, for example:



Amazing, adventurous.



Very Good.

It was very, very, very, very, very, very, very good.

I liked it very much.

It was brilliant!

Wicked – a bit funny as well. Thank you.



Here’s some specific positive feedback from young people – with ages in brackets where known:

It was brilliant with the lights and other effects. (9)

It was really good and I liked the part where the Night Queen appeared. (6)

Good because of the dragon. (10)

I enjoyed it and was a bit scared of the dragon. (6)

Very creative. Great puppets. (12)

It was lovely – really charming and a beautiful set.

It was nice, I liked the pop-out bed. (5)

It was really good, I liked the singing. (10)

It was really entertaining and the singing was excellent. (11)

Brilliant, lovely and the background was amazing. (8)

It was very exciting and the actors and actresses were very good.  (11)

It was great, I want to see it again (8)

I liked it when Pamina got the orb and when the dragon was nice. (5)

There were 15 formal comments recorded
on The Belgrade’s Front of House log – all extremely positive. Eg:

Best show I’ve ever seen – brilliant.

Wow – that was amazing.

Fantastic – brilliant for children.


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