The dragon enters


Dad and daughter

Trouble in the forest
Bedrooms aren’t meant to be tidy!
Sarah Middleton as Pamina
Dan Willis as the owl
Naomi Lee Schulke as the Night Queen

All photos (unless otherwise stated) by Graeme Braidwood Photography.


3 thoughts on “Photos

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  2. I saw this production on it’s last night at The Belgrade. I am 75 years old but I found it a magical production. Everyone concerned is to be congratulated on this imaginative production and its presentation.
    I am only sorry that the audience was quite small and seemed strangely muted.
    Thank you all for a memorable evening at the theatre.

  3. Hi Dr Matthew,

    Thank you for your comment and delighted to hear that you enjoyed the production so much. It has gone down well with all ages, from the very young to those who have ‘the wisdom of age’ such as yourself. Audiences have in fact been very strong and you were unlucky to see it on one of only 2 nights when the audience was lower than we’d hoped – the muted response you refer to we like to think of as ‘enthralled’! Talking to people afterwards and from the feedback forms, there is no doubt people are very engaged by the play and caught up by it. Thank you again for taking the trouble to comment so positively – it is very much appreciated and I will pass on your congratulations to the rest of the team.

    Philip Monks (writer)

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